Thursday, October 16, 2008

Business Travel - The Good Life

This week I had a meeting in Gettysburg, PA. Unfortunately, no time to visit the battlefield, but I did spend a day there last year. The weather was great, the trees are turning color - we don't see that much fall color here in Houston. So, we drive back to Baltimore for a 3:30 or so flight from BWI to Houston. Due to the severe storms in Houston, we have about an hour and a half ground hold. Then we have to do time in a holding pattern on the way. Finally land in Houston about 7. I had ridden to the airport with a colleague, D, and we had parked at one of the surface lots. The lift pumps that pump all the heavy rain water away had gone out, so everything around the airport was flooded. We took a bumper to bumper round about way to the parking lot. The 7-10 minute ride took almost two hours. We were moving so slowly that one of the other passengers considered calling Domino's and ordering a pizza to be delivered to the shuttle bus. Finally, we pull up behind D's truck. It's not raining quite as hard now. But, we have one other thing to do before we pick up our luggage and get off the bus. We sit back down, take off our shoes and socks, roll up our pants legs, and then wade through 6 - 8 inches of water to the truck. Almost drove off with my shoes on the roof. It's all a good time.

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