Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Deuce

Last July, we spent a week on the beach in Galveston. Had a great time with the kids, grandkids, granddogs and a friend or two who stopped in. In fact, we had such a good time, we went back for a long Labor Day weekend.
Well, this year we decided to widen the circle. In addition to the group from last year, our neices from Indiana and their families came down. We ended up with 15, plus the 3 dogs. We couldn't find a house that we all fit into that allowed dogs, but we really liked the house we had last year. It's just too small for everyone. However, the house next door is a little bigger and was available, even through the same agency, so we got 'em both. Hence, "The Deuce." A deuce of beach houses. Two houses, two kitchens, two refrigerators, two cabana showers, etc. Lots of Dos Equis and limes.

Here's a view of the houses from the beach. Got a little rain off and on, but never a day that we couldn't spend a lot of time on the beach. We all got "The Deuce" t-shirts. "The Deuce" on the front and this on the back.As it turned out, The Deuce theme was kind of prophetic and more appropriate that we realized. In addition to the deuce of beach houses, we had a deuce of engagements, too. How cool is that. No. 2 son and T got engaged shortly before we went to the beach, and No. 2 neice got engaged while we were there. Pretty exciting for all!

Good food and lots of it, fun on the beach during the day, plenty of Dos Equis, popcorn, funnel cakes, cards and Wii at night. For lots more pics, see However, one more in the too cute for words category - here's AM, the 1-year old of the group, ready for breakfast bright and early one morning.


KAJ said...

You love AM! She is totally your favorite...that's okay! She is pretty cute!

You also love the beach!!

Pops said...

Yes, she's way cute. I think she's even cuter than your favorite - Glacier. Besides, AM is the only female I know who doesn't think I'm a complete idiot - yet.