Friday, February 29, 2008

What was I thinking?

The Boy Scouts here in the Livable Forest have a fundraising project every year about this time. A month or so ago, they started taking orders for mulch. I've been buying this stuff from them for a few years now. Sure, help out the scouts and all. It's like $5 per 3 cubic foot bag. They deliver it, and will put the bags wherever you want - all around the flower beds or stacked in your driveway or whatever. They don't spread it, however. So, a month or so ago, I ordered my 40 bags of mulch. Well, tomorrow is the day it comes. So, until sometime late tomorrow afternoon, after I have sliced open, dumped out and spread bag number 40, I'm gonna be wondering "What was I thinking when I ordered this stuff?" Maybe next year I'll remember this and just pay someone to do it. My boomer back is getting too old for this.

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