Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Blog Post

OK - This getting older bit has its pros and cons. Nothin' works right anymore, but if you've got reasonable health insurance, you can buy new joints and stuff. Orthopedic surgery is a wonderful thing. You can maybe think about retirement, whatever that is. Maybe like the Dennis Hopper or Pacific Life commercials. Unless your retirement savings went away with Enron. Speaking of which, it's gonna be about 70 degrees here in Houston tonight. Suffering through another harsh Texas Gulf Coast winter. Waseca, MN - where Jeff Skilling is currently a guest of the U.S. Dept. of Corrections, about 4 degrees tonight.

Fun things are the kids. The kids coming into the workplace aren't anything like us Boomers. They're pretty refreshing. Also the grandkids. Nothin' like watching your own kids become parents. Paybacks are hell. No, no. Not what I meant. You do, however, watch your kids turn into you. It's pretty scary.

Outta here for tonight.

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